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The Mille Miglia is an asset of national importance. It has a prominent place in the annals of motor racing. The Red Arrow has inspired the work of many people who, through intelligence, passion and creativity, have achieved an ambitious goal: to turn their daring ideas into a real and true technological innovation. Today's Mille Miglia intends to support and encourage research and development of the Italian car industry which has a great history and deserves to return the leading sectors of our economy.
"Officina Mille Miglia", a division of 1000 Miglia srl, trust in the creativity, the competence and the bright ideas of young generation, in this sense is glad to announce the launch of an idea contest reserved to young talent 18 to 35 years old of any nationality. The purpose of the contest is to award the idea (or ideas) having the highest innovation potential and that is related to the automotive field. The winner of the contest (single or team) will get a 50.000 € budget to invest as resources for the creation and the start-up of a new company to be established in the Italian territory.

The contest is structured in two different rounds, the first one to be completed within June 30th and the second one to be hold in the period September the 23th to November the 10th. During round one participants (single or team) will be preparing and sending the project as a document describing the "idea", this document will be the base for the contest committee to assess different ideas and select 5 finalists to participate round two. Only 5 participants will access to round 2. The same in the time frame above mentioned will be preparing and sending a business plan. The final winner will be the most innovative, bright and promising idea from a business view point.






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