The Contest "Officina Mille Miglia" is intended to award the idea (or ideas) having the highest innovation potential related to the automotive sector, the prize consist of a fund provided by the organizer.
The contest is directed to young talent 18 to 35 years old, to companies on the way to be established and to newly established small business operating in the automotive field having a bright/innovative idea.

The contest is organized in two steps:
Round one: produce and submit Annex 1, deadline June 30th 2014.
Round two (reserved to 5 finalists only): produce and submit the Business Plan and Annex 3 (improved blueprint), time frame September the 23th to October the 20th 2014.

The project must be delivered by registered mail in sealed envelope to the address

1000 Miglia S.r.l.,
Via Enzo Ferrari 4/6,
25134 Brescia (Italy)

The sealed envelope must contain all material in paper format and in electronic format stored in a CD-ROM, use PDF file format only.

Download the contest regulation

Annex 1
Annex 2 - Business Plan
Annex 3




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